ShadowPhones first priority is to make sure, that your activity remains secure, and that you can use the app as discreetly as possible. This means that you download, register and use the app without our knowledge of your identity – and therefor with no way of contacting you. The costs for this anonymous business is, that we are unable to support you directly in any matter.

We would like you to keep in mind, that your actions are YOUR actions and therefore YOUR responsibility and not ours! Make sure before you share any adult content, that there are mutual agreement to this behavior.

We are well aware that the following FAQ does not fulfil all of the questions that may occur, but feel free to use our feedback section to raise any question regarding the use of the app or questions in general. If we find it relevant and to common use, we will create a new FAQ below. Otherwise we hope that some of the FAQ listed below may be helpful.

Thank you for downloading ShadowPhone!



Q: I have downloaded and installed a ShadowPhone Decoy App. How do I access the App?

A: During the install process you are informed how to get access to your new Decoy App. If you do not remember what to do, all you can do is delete the App and install again.

Comment: You have already paid once for the app and will of course not be charged again.


Q: Can I search for other ShadowPhone users?

A: If you know the Shadow Name of a person you can send a request (click the “+” on the “Friends screen”). If you do not know ShadowName you cannot connect, but you are able to invite a friend by sending an email request. So getting or having your future ShadowFriends email address is basically all you need to get started.

Comment: The ShadowPhone´s services are based on total discretion.


Q: Can I log in with different Shadow Names from the same App?

A: Yes. In this case you will have to logout from the Settings / Logout screen before you log in as a different User. If you have only closed the App you will not be able to log in using a different Shadow Name.

Comment: Your are able to register with several different accounts on the same app.


Q: Is ShadowPhone completely secure?

A: There are no such thing as “completely secure”. ShadowPhone has done everything at our disposal to create as secure and discrete an environment as possible, but your behavior has a lot of tells to your surroundings – and once your are under suspicion, nothing is impossible to desecrate. After all your opponent can always go to this webpage and look for clues.

Comment: Be disciplined and thorough, when you use ShadowPhone – and your are less vulnerable to be exposed.


Q: Is it possible for my ShadowFriend to export any photos or shared files outside the ShadowPhone app?

A: No and yes! It is not possible to export directly from the app, but due to the default settings by Iphone and Android we have not been able to shut down the screen dump function of the smartphones. This means that though you by deleting a ShadowFriend are able to delete all content regarding your communication  – you can not feel certain, that your ShadowFriend did not make a screen dump before this action.

Comment: Once again you are responsible for you actions – there are unfortunately no guarantees in life.


Q: Why does it sometimes take a little while with the startup before the app is ready to use?

A: Due to the fact that all content resides in the ShadowCloud – the startup depends on your current connection and signal of your smartphone. Remember, nothing is actually saved on your phone, which means the phone has to download the content from the cloud – before ready to use.

Comment: The ShadowCloud is necessary when it comes to the ability to delete all content on your ShadowFriends account regarding any shared content (pictures, text etc.) between you and your friend. It also makes it possible to not having any content saved to your phone. The cost for all this is that sometimes it requires a little waiting time before you are ready to use the app. The only one to blame though – is the connection speed and not ShadowPhone.